My trip to South Africa was more of a time-travel as I was visiting a friend from long ago, hence this time I did not experience awesome wildlife and exoticism etc. but I think I will make up for it next time I visit this country:)

This time, though, while in SA (Hibiscus Coast and around Cape Town mostly) I managed to spot some semi-exotic and semi-wild wildlife – deers of all sorts, monkeys, seals and penguins… And I also met some interesting people – stoned and talkative employees and guests of a hostel in Cape Town, buskers, small time crooks and muggers, a Polish priest, Mrs Irena (aged 90+) with lots of stories about her soviet era deportation, I was lucky enough to take part in Zulu wedding (I was called as an emergency cameraman as the local “videofilming” company failed to deliver)… All in all, a fruitful trip, with lots of things to think about, especially regarding interracial…

Khao Yai

Just a few snaps from the Khao Yai National Park (totally worth it! Especially when camping surrounded by Sambar deers with occasional small Indian Civet and porcupine running around; plus lots more if you venture deeper into the forest, preferably with a guide) + few other spots that I visited and re-visited in Thailand.


Parę fotek z Parku Narodowego Khao Yai (polecam! Niezapomniane wrażenia z noclegu pod namiotem w otoczeniu jeleni oraz przebiegających tu i ówdzie wiwer malajskich i jeżozwierzy; a oprócz tego, całe mnóstwo zwierzaków ukrytych w lesie, po którym chętnie oprowadzą Was przewodnicy) a także z paru innych miejscówek, które odwiedziłem podczas kolejnej wycieczki po Tajlandii.