Chiang Rai

A tip for those travelling from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai: use Arcade coach station (North East of the moat), not any other.

The town itself might be nothing special but it offers nice temperatures (around 20 degrees in the evening, everybody puts on sweaters and coats). Plus all that surrounds the Chiang Rai makes it an important starting point for all sorts of treks and trips.

I am lucky again – I arrive in the midst of flower festival (festival might be too big a word – it’s just an excuse to party a bit). I join the crowd in dancing and taste the deliciacies offered by nearby stalls.

Uwaga praktyczna dla wybierających się do Chiang Rai z Chiang Mai: należy wybrać się na dworzec autobusowy Arcade (północny wschód względem fosy), a nie żaden inny!

Miasto samo z siebie może nie porywa ale za to oferuje…

Having left Lopburi, I reach Chiang Mai after 17 hours train ride (13 hours travel; 2 hours waiting in the station; 2 hours delay on the way, including switching the trains in the middle of the jungle due to engine breakdown). Luckily the train was half empty and I could sleep quite comfortably.

Chiang Mai (“New City”) was officially founded in 1296 by king Mengrai, though before there already existed a town called Wiang Nopburi. Chiang Mai replaced Chiang Rai as Lanna kingdom capital. The city is located amidst picturesque mountains that make the biggest highlight for travellers (plus the all-night party centre and over 300 temples to see). Chiang Mai can really be addictive – you can ask those many individuals who only stopped here for a couple of days and have been living here for years already.

Do Chiang Mai docieram z Lopburi po ok,…