Yejku – występ na żywo w Lokalu X / live performance in Lokal X (camera by Olek Woźniak):

Yejku “Córuś ty musisz” – video by Tomasz Sztajer:

Another travellers’ meeting happened in Lokal X in Bytom, Poland on September 28 2012. The turnout was surprisingly high – thank you all for coming. This time we had the opportunity to see a fascinating presentation about Kurdistan by Wojciech Przybylski (, I showed some movies from China, and the star of the evening were the band Yejku ( for whom I had the pleasure of making a Chinese-Polish music video.

This time no photo gallery, only videos.


28 września w Lokalu X w Bytomiu odbyło się kolejne spotkanie podróżnicze. Frekwencja była nadspodziewanie dobra, wielkie dzięki za przybycie. Tym razem z wciągającą prezentacją o Kurdystanie wystąpił Wojciech Przybylski (, ja pokazałem parę filmików z Chin, a na deser wystąpił zespół Yejku…

Hooray for yet another monthly travel party in Lokal X! The programme was packed full with stories, emotions and memories from all kinds of places.

The show was kicked off by Mateusz Szymiczek who mainly focused on how not to spend money and still get drunk in Czech Republic, France and Spain.

Then my humble self shared a bunch of photos and videos from China, kung-fu included.

Following was Łukasz Ciupa showing some breathtaking views of Georgia.

Things got a lot more oriental when Gosia Łozicka presented her memories of Turkey, music and food included.

Magdalena Śliwka joined our meeting again and made us all want to ride through Sahara on a motorcycle…

The grand finale was the belly dance show by Gosia Łozicka – a show so hot that it made the camera melt, hence no photos available:)

I’d like to thank all the particpants for attending. Special thanks to Krzysiek Błaszczyk from Kartel Kulturalny for the videoprojector.