Of all the countless islands of Indonesia I decided to visit two: Sumatra and Bali (Lombok doesn’t count as I was there for half a day only just to hop on a plane). Below are some impressions of Sumatran part of my trip.

I owe huge thanks to Rudy, the greatest ever couchsurfing host from Medan and to his flatmate William… It is them (and their jolly bunch of friends) I had a very soft landing in Indonesia and I got introduced to many a local custom. The care they took of me even felt too much at some point but only until I watched some videos of people getting mugged in many cruel ways at night (especially by guys on electric scooters)… It was only then that I understood better why my friends would always give their buddies a ride back right to their door and wait until they safely got in… And the security of Indonesian Chinese (and…

Khao Yai

Just a few snaps from the Khao Yai National Park (totally worth it! Especially when camping surrounded by Sambar deers with occasional small Indian Civet and porcupine running around; plus lots more if you venture deeper into the forest, preferably with a guide) + few other spots that I visited and re-visited in Thailand.


Parę fotek z Parku Narodowego Khao Yai (polecam! Niezapomniane wrażenia z noclegu pod namiotem w otoczeniu jeleni oraz przebiegających tu i ówdzie wiwer malajskich i jeżozwierzy; a oprócz tego, całe mnóstwo zwierzaków ukrytych w lesie, po którym chętnie oprowadzą Was przewodnicy) a także z paru innych miejscówek, które odwiedziłem podczas kolejnej wycieczki po Tajlandii.

Camiguin - a typical nipa hut

“I’m not a child molester but…”

“…just look at those fine young girls, slim, tiny, beautiful! But what happens when they grow up? The become fat, round, al the charm is gone, fat cows! This is all because of the way the Filipinos eat! They munch all day, every meal heavier that the other. Look at them, this is supposed to be a poor country but they can always afford a big fat chunk of pork! You see, in Thailand a poor girl will eat a little pad thai and she will be full. But here? I’m telling you, you need to take them before they’re ripe” – says Joe, turning his head around in search of colourfully dressed high school students and waving at the skinny ones. He is quite slim himself – one detail that makes him different from the typical white guy living in the Philippines: wrinkled American pensioner with that special kind of suntan and…

This is something you cannot miss if you are in the least bit interested in a(A)rt. The newly created Power Station of Art (that looks a little bit like oversized Tate Modern) has brought artists from all around the world, letting them use its huge spaces. What is the outcome? For me personally – painful legs after marching the whole day. But one day is definitely not enough to see it all. By the way: you should book your tickets online – that’s the theory but in real life you just give your best white face smile and enter with no fuss.

And what you get to see inside is a bit of gigantomania (Huang Yongping, “Thousand Hands Kuanyin”; a little too direct a reference to Duchamp), lots of installations marked with “Don’t touch” warning (those that have no such tag can be touched when the security guards are not looking; if you ask them whether…