Philippines one more time // Filipiny raz jeszcze

A short post this time, mostly photography-filled. And divided into four sections: Lake Taal volcano eruption – Tablas Island – Banton Island – Back to Manila via Lucena + bonus (timetables of ferries connecting different towns/islands).

Tym razem krótki wpis, przede wszystkim fotograficzny. I podzielony na cztery części: wybuch wulkanu-wyspa Tablas-wyspa Banton-droga powrotna do Manili przez Lucenę + bonus w postaci zdjęć harmonogramów kursów promów między poszczególnymi wyspami/miejscowościami.

Lake Taal Volcano Eruption // Wybuch wulkanu na jeziorze Taal

Tablas (Romblon province)

Banton (Romblon province)

On my way back to Manila via Lucena // Z powrotem do Manili przez Lucenę

Ferry timetables // Rozkłady jazdy promów

This time my visit to the Philippines had a purpose or even two: making a chocolate video (big thanks to Mr. Grover Rosit and his family) and meeting a Filipino shaman/wonderhealer/dr quackquack (and that was made possible with a little help from Grochu –… And in between I experienced the fiesta during Kadalag-An festival in Victorias City, I tried to approach Mount Kanlaon in Negros island (nope, it was a little too active recently and it was forbidden to get close but I spent some nice time in the nearby village), I visited the shaman-saturated island of Siquijor… And I have some photos and videos to prove it:)




Tym razem wycieczka na Filipiny miała dwa główne cele: zrobienie materiału video o filipińskiej czekoladzie (podziękowanie dla Pana Grovera Rosita i jego rodziny!) i spotkanie filipińskiego szamana (co udało się na bardzo polskiej wyspie Bantayan, głównie dzięki Grochowi, znanemu z…  A po drodze udało się jeszcze zobaczyć…

Thomas Moore

While traveling around Cameguin Island I bumped into Thomas, who introduced himself to me as the Leonardo da Vinci of the 21st century. And he definitely has some stories to tell. He was kind enough to share them on video and now all of you can listen to what he has to say. Check the videos below.

Zwiedzając Cameguin, trafiłem na Thomasa, który przedstawił mi się jako Leonardo da Vinci 21 wieku. Zapraszam do obejrzenia wywiadu, który z nim przeprowadziłem. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7:

Tito and Langlang

Meet Namar and Langlang – your guides to discovering the little secrets of the Philippines. / Przedstawiam Wam Namara i Langlang, Waszych przewodników po mini-sekretach Filipin.

Check all the videos below: Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4: Episode 5: Episode 6: Episode 7: There, I hope you liked it:)

Camiguin - a typical nipa hut

“I’m not a child molester but…”

“…just look at those fine young girls, slim, tiny, beautiful! But what happens when they grow up? The become fat, round, al the charm is gone, fat cows! This is all because of the way the Filipinos eat! They munch all day, every meal heavier that the other. Look at them, this is supposed to be a poor country but they can always afford a big fat chunk of pork! You see, in Thailand a poor girl will eat a little pad thai and she will be full. But here? I’m telling you, you need to take them before they’re ripe” – says Joe, turning his head around in search of colourfully dressed high school students and waving at the skinny ones. He is quite slim himself – one detail that makes him different from the typical white guy living in the Philippines: wrinkled American pensioner with that special kind of suntan and…