Partly rotten, partly renovated, Shkoder welcomes me with carts full of junk, Romany camp, spacious boulevards, all turned up pavements, pavements where little entrepreneurs sit… and so do lots of gentlemen who wait for something non-specific and they are killing their time with a game of domino… Later on I discover the neat pedestrian walk, mosques, churches… And the lake, where you definitely want to take a tour and hike up some nearby mountains… If the weather permits, that is….

And then, in the early morning, I discover an earthquake.

Nobody is panicking though, those things just happen in these parts of the world.

And I am impressed with the way that Albanians get organized to help those affected by the calamity… I am lucky to meet the great people from EKO Mendje (local NGO) and I join them, documenting their actions. People are bringing groceries, blankets, mattresses, whatever…