Monkeys in the park

I had this idea to go to Korea by sea. After doing the math I chose Lianyungang in Jiangsu province as my port of departure (you can find the full list of ferry connections here: NOTE: the schedules are prone to changes, be prepared for all sorts of surprises).

After a night on sociable and talkative train I reached Lianyungang railway station. From here I took a couple of buses (1h30 in total) to get to the ferryboat ticket office/terminal (located away from the town itself; and far from the port, too). Surprise: today’s boat’s engine is broken, no trip today. But there is another ferry leaving tomorrow noon.

No problem at all. While waiting I will check one of the biggest local tourist attractions: Huaguoshan Park, where Sun Wukong, the Monkey King from the novel “Journey to the West”, found a cave hidden behind a water curtain and spent some fun time there (inside the cave there…