And now, for something completely different: a video documenting the last ever Woodstock Poland festival (and I say “the last one” because the next edition was renamed to “Pol’and’rock” and the future of the whole project is unknown) – the biggest free of charge open air music gig in the world. And probably the most beautiful one, too:) August 2017, Kostrzyn nad Odrą




Tym razem coś z zupełnie innej beczki: klip dokumentujący ostatni Przystanek Woodstock (ostatni, bo kolejna edycja została przemianowana na “Pol’and’rock” a przyszłość festiwalu w ogóle jest niepewna) – największą darmową imprezę muzyczną świata. I być może najpiękniejszą:) Sierpień 2017, Kostrzyn nad Odrą


Dano Festival (Danoje) in Gangneung is not just a regular little party. It has been happening every year for over four hundred years (the exact date depends on the lunar calendar, so be sure to check it beforehand; it usually takes place in May or June) and its awesomeness has been confirmed by UNESCO who designated it a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”. Hence, I needed to check whether the gig was as cool as advertised:) And I wasn’t disappointed.

Korean people respect their culture and celebrate it skilfully. It managed to survive all the numerous invasions (mostly by Japanese troops) and it has always been bringing Koreans together. And during the Dano festival itself for two weeks that culture is manifested in all sorts of forms: mask play, shaman singing, traditional hair dyeing, drums, barbecue, soju (Korean rice-based alcohol) – you will find something that…

Intro video: Mongolian Impressions


Less than a month spent in Mongolia is nowhere near enough to issue a final statement about a country so big and varied. Nevertheles, I feel competent enough to tell you that Mongolia is amazing, awesome and addictive. So addictive that I feel obliged to go back there and see all those things that I didn’t have enough time to see. And I encoutage you to go there as soon as you can, before it gets covered with asphalt, „civilized” and the friendly locals start pursuing the material wealth.

In the meantime – let me share with you some impressions and tips.


Niecały miesiąc spędzony w Mongolii to zdecydowanie za mało by wydać opinię o kraju tak rozległym i różnorodnym. Niemniej jednak czuję się na tyle kompetentny, by stwierdzić, że Mongolia zadziwia, rządzi, wymiata i uzależnia. Do tego stopnia, że czuję się zobowiązany tam wrócić i doeksplorować wszystko to,…