Way to Siem Reap // Droga do Siem Reap

Taking a bus would be the easiest way to go… Or (more expensive and slower) morning tourist boat… But I decided to check whether I could get there by bike. And yes, it is doable but not all the way. At some point, where all roads end I had to negotiate a boat with local fishermen to take me to the next town where I can get back on the road. It cost me 7 USD, though you could probably negotiate it even lower. And then – through the fields and dust I go, back on the main road and to Siem Reap herself.


Najłatwiej byłoby się wybrać do Siem Reap autobusem… Albo (droższą i wolniejszą) poranną łodzią turystyczną… Ale ja postanowiłem, czy i jak daleko da się dojechać rowerem. I da się – dosyć daleko. Niemniej jednak w pewnym momencie muszę…