Khao Yai

Just a few snaps from the Khao Yai National Park (totally worth it! Especially when camping surrounded by Sambar deers with occasional small Indian Civet and porcupine running around; plus lots more if you venture deeper into the forest, preferably with a guide) + few other spots that I visited and re-visited in Thailand.


Parę fotek z Parku Narodowego Khao Yai (polecam! Niezapomniane wrażenia z noclegu pod namiotem w otoczeniu jeleni oraz przebiegających tu i ówdzie wiwer malajskich i jeżozwierzy; a oprócz tego, całe mnóstwo zwierzaków ukrytych w lesie, po którym chętnie oprowadzą Was przewodnicy) a także z paru innych miejscówek, które odwiedziłem podczas kolejnej wycieczki po Tajlandii.

Having left Lopburi, I reach Chiang Mai after 17 hours train ride (13 hours travel; 2 hours waiting in the station; 2 hours delay on the way, including switching the trains in the middle of the jungle due to engine breakdown). Luckily the train was half empty and I could sleep quite comfortably.

Chiang Mai (“New City”) was officially founded in 1296 by king Mengrai, though before there already existed a town called Wiang Nopburi. Chiang Mai replaced Chiang Rai as Lanna kingdom capital. The city is located amidst picturesque mountains that make the biggest highlight for travellers (plus the all-night party centre and over 300 temples to see). Chiang Mai can really be addictive – you can ask those many individuals who only stopped here for a couple of days and have been living here for years already.

Do Chiang Mai docieram z Lopburi po ok,…