Intro video: Mongolian Impressions


Less than a month spent in Mongolia is nowhere near enough to issue a final statement about a country so big and varied. Nevertheles, I feel competent enough to tell you that Mongolia is amazing, awesome and addictive. So addictive that I feel obliged to go back there and see all those things that I didn’t have enough time to see. And I encoutage you to go there as soon as you can, before it gets covered with asphalt, „civilized” and the friendly locals start pursuing the material wealth.

In the meantime – let me share with you some impressions and tips.


Niecały miesiąc spędzony w Mongolii to zdecydowanie za mało by wydać opinię o kraju tak rozległym i różnorodnym. Niemniej jednak czuję się na tyle kompetentny, by stwierdzić, że Mongolia zadziwia, rządzi, wymiata i uzależnia. Do tego stopnia, że czuję się zobowiązany tam wrócić i doeksplorować wszystko to,…

It so happened that I paid a short visit here. Located in northern China, Shanxi province, Datong shows you what modern China is about. Imagine a medium sized city („medium” as understood in China) where the whole central part is under construction – excavators cranes and other machines work day and night in front of the windows of citizens who never complain. And the goal of it all is not constructing new skyscrapers – that would be too obvious. They’re making all the mess to destroy the dwelling boroughs and replace them with new „old town” with its „ancient” city walls. The size of the project and its absurdity is quite shocking. But I guess somebody (who doesn’t really care about historical authenticity) calculated that this will pay off and will draw hordes of tourists with loads of money.

One Polish tourist went to the most famous and authentic (I hope) historical site, a UNESCO World Heritage spot…